Kaighin Wins Season Finale in Abaco

April 1, 2014 in Race Reports by David.Branning

Marsh Harbour Regatta Report

Last Stop on the Tour of the Abaco

If you note the picture above, you will recognize what family fun happens in the Abaco sailing RC Lasers.   A special thanks to Lenore Mulock and Ylva Ljungholm.  They do such a great job and make the racing so much easier.  We welcomed a few new sailors to the group and I hope they keep coming out.  I am always looking to expand our group and hope to get new people to buy new, or even used boats.  But also a special thanks to all of the sailors who made the effort to come out.  The more the merrier.

Our last stop on the RC Laser Tour of Abaco brought us back to Marsh Harbour.  We all gathered for lunch at the Jib Room.  We sailed off of Key’s Landing at the Great Abaco Club.  The wind was out of the south and our race course runs east/west.  So the wind was very shifty and light.  And there was a fair amount of weeds.

There was some talk of a summer get together in Cherokee and sail off the long dock at high tide.  It should be a good place to sail and we would be able to have a good course no matter the wind direction.  Stay tuned.

Article report from Jim Kaighin (slight edits from Dave Branning), and Picture from Ylva Ljungholm

Jim Kaighin 1 2 1 2 “3″ 1 1 8
Tim Sands 2 1 4 1 1 2 “5″ 11
Anders Ljungholm 4 4 2 3 “5″ 4 2 19
David Mulock “6″ 5 3 4 4 3 4 23
Victor Patterson 7 7 7 “9″ 2 5 3 31
Tim/Tom Parr 5 3 6 5 6 6 “9″ 31
Branden Sands 3 6 5 6 “7″ 7 6 33
Byron Kitchener 9 9 9 9 9 9 “9″ 54

Myles Loesel Wins Windsor Invitational

March 24, 2014 in Race Reports by David.Branning

Windsor Invitational Regatta

Miles Loesel Wins First Annual Regatta in SE Florida

The community of Windsor in Vero Beach tried it’s hand at regatta management last weekend and invited the teams from Sable Pines (near Ft. Lauderdale) and Orchid Island (also Vero Beach) to their first RC Laser regatta. The two Vero Beach fleets are building their skills in racing and started enjoying the RC Laser by ordering only B sails. Then they bought some A sails after needing them in the light air SE Florida Winter Regatta last month. The current 13 boat regatta needed the expanded inventory of C Sails in order to survive the strongest winds of the season.
The skilled and race-experienced Sable Pines team came with 4 full rigs and won the day. Miles Loesel took first overall with brother, Scott taking second with Jim DeSena in third.  All from Sable Pines.  Dave  really needed C sails to cope with the heavy winds but only the Sable Pines boys had them so we all worked with the B sails.
The wind was the highest of the season at 20 plus knots.  The good thing was that it was from the South and we had a long windward/leeward course starting at the north end and going up wind to the far south marker and back again to the north gate and repeat for four legs to the finish.  Going upwind, it was difficult to tack without going “in irons” and going down wind, the boats would nose dive and come to a stop facing up wind.  Very tough sailing.  ”The sailors from Sable Pines were just better than the rest of us and could cope with the conditions better.  We needed the heavy weather C sails which we don’t have at the moment, reported Dave Shelby of Windsor.

Michael Shaw took fourth place and Andy Kostanecki from Orchid Island took fifth.   No surprise, the Sable Pines team took honors in the team competition with Windsor second and Orchid Island third.
Noah and the club did Windsor proud with drinks and pizzas after the races.
Sounded like a great day all around and a region building experience. Thanks to Dave and Carole Shelby for the pics and reporting.

Tom Rummage Wins Carolina Classic

March 23, 2014 in Race Reports by David.Branning

2014 Carolina Classic

Tom Rummage Wins Close One

Sailing at Lake Crabtree, venue for the Triangle Model Yacht Club, in Raleigh, NC is often challenging.  This regatta would prove that.  Twelve skippers eagerly arrived early to sail in winds forecasted to be in the 15 mph range gusting up to 25.  Given that, with B and C rigs at the ready, the first race was sailed with A rigs.  The forecasted winds then switched on and the fleet went to B rigs.  Tom Rummage jumped to an early lead, but was passed by Bob Szczepanski by the end of race 4.  The two separated themselves from the fleet and at the lunch break, after nine races, Bob held a 5 point lead.  C rigs were necessary on several of the morning’s races and Tom’s ability to pick the correct rig kept the scores and finishes tight.

After enjoying “build it yourself “deli sandwiches with all the fixings, 10 more races were sailed.  The afternoon winds hit the full forecasted range and each race teetered between B and C rig choices.  Again, Tom’s ability to use the right rig at the right time and consistent sailing gradually diminished Bob’s lead.  By the end of 18 races Tom was only one point behind Bob.  In the last race Tom’s persistence paid off.  While Bob led the fleet closely followed by Tom, an entanglement with a non-course buoy sealed the deal and Tom finished first tying Bob with 44 points each.  After throw outs, Tom had a two point win to take home the Carolina Cup, known by TMYC members as the coveted “C” Cup.  Carl Olbrich won two races to take home the third place trophy, and Michael Roberson and Cothran Harris each won a race.

Thanks to Jim Bray for calling the line, Gerry Cobley and Karen Szczepanski for scoring and again to Karen Szczepanski for catering lunch.  A special salute to each skipper for participating.  A portion of each entry fee (a total of $100.00) will be donated on behalf of TMYC to the Alzheimers Association of North Carolina.

Editor’s note: I’d like to express our appreciation to Bob and Karen Szczepanski who pretty much organized and executed the regatta single-handedly.  Thanks for a grand day!

Link to Pictures are here:  http://tmyc.spruz.com/view/list/user/Bobby-Dodger/photos.htm?cid=A0792DE7-E1E5-4499-9A47-ECBB9CB5A045

The Results:

Pl      Skipper                          Pts
1        Tom  Rummage            32
2        Bob Szczepanski           34
3        Carl Olbrich                     63
4        Michael Roberson         72.6
5        Gerry Cobley                   77
6        Chase Thomas            101
7        Rick Ferguson              112
8        Cothran Harris              122
9        Brian Grunert                126
10      Sam Harris                    151
11      Dan Stomka                  167
12      Ken Coit                          201

Tom Rummage, left,  accepts Carolina Cup from RD, Bob Szczepanski
Must be time for the Skippers Meeting

Jamey Betz Powers to Shamrock Win

March 23, 2014 in Race Reports by David.Branning


Race Report and Results

Jamey Betz Powers to Regatta Win

Jamey Betz clearly owned this year’s version of the Annual Shamrock Regatta, especially in the fresh C sail winds of the morning. Jamey reeled off a 1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1…That’s right, in the first nine races he won eight. After lunch he came down to earth, accumulating a couple of throw outs, while Ryan Lippincott, Rob Seidelmann and Terry Rapp won all the afternoon’s six races. That is when we went to the B sail and then the A sail…..not the sweet spot for Jamey, he says. The 12 boat fleet was supported totally by West Jersey and Oxford fleet members and we all enjoyed a blustery morning and warming temps in the afternoon. We welcomed Carl Oberg, son of Victor, to his first RC Laser regatta, and he nosed out his dad to boot. A warm thanks to Mother Nature who kindly defrosted the lake in time for this regatta. It was touch and go about a week ago whether we would be able to sail at Laurel Acres Park in Mt Laurel, NJ. Thanks to Jim Flach for organizing the day and the great pizza lunches and also to Harry Mote who ran the races with Jim as the scorekeeper.

Pl    Skipper               Points
1    Jamey Betz            24
2    Ryan Lippincott      31
3    Rob Seidelmann    37
4    Dave Branning       58
5    Terry Rapp             70
6    Skip Lippincott       71
7    Bill Ewing               77
8    Carl Oberg             96
9    Victor Oberg          113
10   Dan Walsh            120
11   Roger Baldwin      121
12   Ray Szulczewski  124

For more pictures from the regatta, check out

and here:  https://outatseaphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures

From left to right: Harry Mote, Roger Baldwin, Terry Rapp, Jamey Betz, Dan Walsh, Ryan Lippincott, Rob Seidelmann, Ray Szulczewski, Dave Branning, Skip Lippincott, Victor Oberg, Carl Oberg
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